Andrew Regan

When designing this site, Andrew primarily programmed the server-side PHP code for the website.  This includes the code to generate each page based on information stored in the MySQL database, allowing teachers and staff to easily change the site without knowing how to program.  Additionally, Andrew was responsible for managing the server donated by iXsystems.

Nathaniel Belsterling

Nathan primarily programmed all of the front end code.  This includes the administrator panel as well as the edits approval system.  He created scripts and styles to allow teachers to edit the site easily too.  If there is functionality that makes your life easier, Nathan is the one to thank.

First Place in PA State Computer Fair

On May 24, 2016, we took this website to the Pennsylvania State Computer Fair.  We spent hours beforehand perfecting the look and feel of our site to ensure that it was ready for the competition.  All of our hard work and dedication paid off when they announced our names as the first place web page design winners.


Open Source Technologies

This site was created using many open source tools such as Ubuntu, Atom, Apache, Git, and Bootstrap!


Thanks to iXsystems!

This site is hosted on a server donated by iXsystems!

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