The mission at Central Cambria School District is to accept, hear, and value all in the school community and to provide a safe environment that fosters achievement and success. We aim to do that at Jackson Elementary by providing exciting learning opportunities and by building meaningful relationships with our students and their families. We are eager to see the children at Jackson flourish in our school and the community. We appreciate all your support and hope that our students, parents, and community members will find useful information on this website. Please view our school Twitter account for the latest updates on JE events.

How to get involved in your child’s education at Jackson

1. Fill out the PTO volunteer forms. Forms are available in the school office. 

2. Ask your child questions about what he/she learned in school that day. Here is a link to a variety of questions to help spark conversations with your child about their day. 

3. Read to your child every day.

4. Check your child’s backpack daily for letters or flyers about upcoming events. 

5. Call the school or email the principal or teacher if you have any questions or concerns. 

7. Attend PTO general meetings to learn about school events.

8. Assist your child with homework assignments by creating a quiet environment to work.

Joe Strittmatter